The Solution

Accurate, error-free and timely Sales data helps the Replenishment system provide just-in-time inventory and helps keep the cash balanced and flowing.  Our Store Support Suite includes modules for Sales Reporting, Sales Audit, Sales Processing, Cash Management and Trickle Monitoring.


Real Time Processing

The real time processing and tight integration to the RAPID/POS RTPos Suite allows sales and other POS transactions to"trickle" into the RAPID/HOS Store Support suite within minutes.  They are edited, processed and fed throughout the day to keep key management systems fresh and accurate.  Changes and additions to the RAPIS/HOS systems are "trickled down" to the stores on a frequent basis as well.

Sales Audit

Transactions are checked and balanced by the system and any server errors are flagged for easy monitoring throughout the day.  Corrections or configurations will reset and reprocess the held data so it will feed with the next trickle.

Flash Sales Reporting

Flash Sales Reporting provides desktop or iPad access to the sales by hour of a store, region or the whole chain with graphical bar charts and numbers.  Drill downs allow you to review the top 50 sales or returns at each of those levels, as well as traffic notes provided by the stores when they opened for business.

Sales Processing

Data is checked and balanced, error free data is fed into the other modules including RAPID/HOS Merchandise Management suite, RAPID/HOS Credit Collections suite and JDE World Software General Accounting Systems.

Daily Sales Reporting - DOR

Daily sales and daily operating reports (DOR) provide day-by-day store and chain-wide numbers for breakouts of sales and tenders.



Real Time Monitoring

Status displays show a dashboard of what stores and registers have sent transactions up to which POS#'s and which stores's registers have closed for the day.

Tender Management

Access to history on various tender types such as Bank Cards, Gift Cards, Customer Loyalty Program points is available for Inquiry as wells Reports.

Commission Reporting

Transactions are immediately available in the sales commissions database which is used for the RTPos Dashboard Sales by Associate screens.  Graphical pie charts and numbers display today's Store sales by associated and by department.  Month to date and Year to date are also available.  The commissions data can also be fed into your Payroll provider.