The Solution

Quick and easy basic sales, plus step-by-step advanced transactions means balanced tills, accurate inventory levels and reliable history. Customer Service tools like Merchandise Search & Availability, Customer Search & History, Chain-wide Receipt & Report Inquiry give you the edge over your competition.  Flash inquiries include Summary by Hour and Top 25 Sales ranking keep you tuned into your traffic and trends


Four easy segments, sold to, sold what, paid by, and commissioned to.  Easy "sold to" search by name, phone, address or a combo.  "Sold what" by bar code reader or by PLU, SKU or style number or flexible search.  Flexible Tender buttons and drop down lists for associates.


Gift Cards

In House Gift Card tracking that allows re-use/re-charge.

Customer Loyalty Program

Built-in Loyalty points tracking for earning and redeeming rewards based on the Customer used in "sold to".



See Business Summary, Associate Summary, Transactions and Flash Sales by hour.  All represented in dollars and in color coded pie charts and bar charts.  Select today, one or all registers, month to date, or year to date.


Customer Relationship Management

Gather phones, addresses, emails, notes, purchase history, contact preferences, birthdates, anniversaries, and other important dates on you repeat customers.


Chain-Wide Slip Viewer

See and reprint any sales slip from any store from any time period.


Email Receipts

Grow your database of quality email addresses and assure their accuracy, by offering customers a sales receipt by email.


Shipping & Receiving 

Seamless integration into RAPID/HOS Merchandise Management Suite for transfers and receipts.

Address Verification Cleanse

Assure your quality of mail addresses with our automatic address verification and re-format to the standard postal service specification.

Debit & Credit Cards

Built-in interface to VeriFone Point using a black-attached "sled" that handles Mag Stripe, EMV Chip & PIN, and NFC ads and wallets such as Apple Pay.


In House Credit capability with seamless interface to RAPID/HOS Credit Collection Suite or Third Party Financing.


Merchandising Images

Merchandise pictures are shown as items are being sold for easy verification of products.



PLU Driven special prompts are used to offer extended warranties, discount offers, serial numbers, certificate numbers, additional information, or to start special transactions like Service (repairs), Special Orders, Gift Cards sales, warranty inspections, etc

Foreign Currency & Tax

Allows Tender of alternative currencies with automatic daily updated conversion rates.


Return/Exchanges/Trade Breakouts 

Simple action code controls item activities such as sales, returns, trades and breakouts.

Expenses (Petty Cash)

Store Expenses are easily tracked and categorized to feed directly into JDE World Accounting System.


Clocking & Time

Built-in Time Clock and hours reporting directly integrated into RAPID/HOS Store Support Suite.


Sales Commission Reporting

Sales commissions are directly integrated intoRAPID/HOS Store Support Suite for Sales Reporting and Commissions.


Backup & Recovery

Each register continually synchronizes with the other registers so recovery in the event of a hardware failure is much less traumatic.



Hardware Configuration

  • Windows based PC w/4GB memory, 64 GB SSD
  • Touchscreen
  • Epson TM-T88V Slip Printer USB
  • Cash Drawer
  • Barcode 2D Reader
  • VeriFone MX 9xx Transaction Terminal
  • UPS Battery Backup

Network Configuration

VPN Network for communicating between Home Office and all of the Stores,