The Solution

Being able to extend credit where credit is due or offering a 90 days same as cash, or even a Layaway/Layby plan when credit is not an option, means you don't have to miss a sale.  Our Customer Suite includes modules for Installment or Hybrid revolving "revolver" credit, Layaway/Layby, Customer Order & Service Repair tracking, Cash customer tracking and an automated Collections Management system.

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Revolving Credit

Multiple cycles smooth out your cash flow by allowing a cycle to end each day, week or month.  Multiple plans provide flexible payment term options for your smaller or larger customer purchases, and to fit your various risk profiles.


Statements are printed and saved as part of the cycle end process.  An electronic copy of any past statement is available for viewing.

Credit Application

Credit Bureau Scores with our Web based on-line credit application seamlessly integrated into the RAPID/OOS RTPos Suite makes it easy to set up new applicants.  If you subscribe to TransUnion, an automatic credit granting tool can be used to approve your applicants based on your criteria assigning a plan tailored to your specifications.

Hybrid Revolving "Revolver"

Our "Revolver" processing is a blend of installment and revolving credit.  Typical revolving has a minimum monthly payment based on a percentage of the balance.  The minimum monthly payment declines each month as the balance goes down.  once the balance is paid off, a new minimum monthly payment will be calculated.  The finance charge is assessed at each cycle end, based on the average daily balance, rather than up front.

Credit Bureau Scores

If you subscribe to TransUnion, the Credit Reports pulled to do the initial credit evaluation, or any subsequent credit evaluation are saved and available for viewing.  They also populate the credit database with customer information including employment and scores.


Detail and summary reporting is available to provide audit trails and financial summaries needed for Banking and internal compliance.

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Multiple Cardholders

Multiple cardholders each account allows one, two or more card holders sharing one account. Multiple accounts for various plans can be linked to one customer "household".  Account types can be either individual or joint with credit bureau information available for both co-signers.

Special Accounts

The Credit Collections Suite also handles "non credit" accounts such as Layaway / Layby, Customer Order, Service (Repair) and Cash accounts.  These account types typically require tracking of deposits and merchandise but do not have a cycle end statement or fees.

Automatic Add On Approval

For accounts the reopen or add on to their active account, built-in rules will automatically approve or decline the transaction request built right into the tender type of RAPID/POS RTPos Suite.  Overrides can be done as voice authorizations.

Customer Tracking

Credit and Special accounts all rollup to a Customer.  The customer record contains universal information like addresses, phones, email, birthday, anniversaries and contact preferences.  This record is also used to track points for Customer Loyalty Program.

Finance Charges

Several Finance Charge methods are available, including:  Beginning balance, Ending balance, Average daily balance, modified Average daily balance and more.  Rates, tiers and minimums are all configurable by State to handle differing laws.


In the event that an account becomes past due, it will automatically fall into the Collections process.  The steps are totally configurable, allowing a mix of phone calls, letters, promise monitoring and payment monitoring.  The assignment of accounts to collectors is designed to allow stores, teams or individuals to have queues of tasks.

Recurring Fees

Optional insurance and late fees are automatically created as part of the cycle end process.  Flexible rules can be different for each state.

Write Offs

 Criteria can be set to write off potential bad debt accounts, but the system will continue to monitor the and allow payments.  At cycle end, any payment activity on these accounts will create write off recoveries to automatically update the credit account and your JDE World Accounting system's general ledger.

Account Analysis

The system handles and tracks with three kinds of aging at the same time.  Recency tracks time since last payment, Contractual tracks how many monthly payments are behind and true aging that tracks the past due, current and undue portions of the account.