Information Management Corporation

IMC began in 1981, specializing in helping companies get the most from their computer systems. We assisted our first customer, a jewelry chain, in redesigning their merchandising and accounting systems.

From that beginning, IMC grew to be a leader in specialty retail chain software. Today we have as customers, 4 of the top 10 jewelry store chains. Well over 500 stores are using our Rapid/POS software in every state in the USA as well as the second largest jewelry store chain in Australia.

Our goals at IMC are simple: First and foremost, is to listen and respond with quality and innovation. We know that the best software comes from listening to the needs and ideas of our existing customers. Secondly, we are committed to doing things right. Too often time and budget constraints can lead to rush jobs or shortcuts, when in fact these projects can end up costing more and taking longer. We strive for quality design and implementation to deliver useful solutions on time.



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